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Apple pie-flavored frozen yogurt with apple and cake toppings. Where to get it: An apple pie fro-yo flavor is available at 16 Handles, Menchie's, and sweetFrog, but the first location offers the.

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Hot fudge and nuts: Mmm, hot fudge sundaes are such a treat! Topping my yogurt with a tablespoon of hot fudge sauce only adds 60 calories, leaving room to add a tablespoon of chopped nuts for 50.

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Instructions. Line a medium (17" x 11") baking sheet with wax paper. Spread yogurt on top of the wax paper. The yogurt should be minimum about ¼" thick. If you find that your yogurt is spread too thin in places, add a spoonful more. Sprinkle on the strawberry, blueberry, and chocolate chips toppings. Gently press the toppings into the.

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20 Slides. Travis Rathbone. Frozen yogurt is lighter than ice cream and makes for a tangy treat. These toppings will make frozen yogurt seem like a gourmet choice.For more cool desserts, check out.

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Crunchy Granola Goodness. Get ready to savor the delightful crunch of granola goodness in every bite. Adding granola as a topping to your frozen yogurt is a game-changer. It not only enhances the texture but also adds a nutty flavor that complements the sweetness of the yogurt perfectly.

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Our Toppings. Menchie's frozen yogurt is delicious on its own but it's absolutely amazing when you've customized it the way you like it. That's why we fill our store with the things you love to put on your froyo. You can not only choose from seasonal fruits that are cut fresh daily but from a variety of chocolates, candies, nuts, syrups, and.

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Instructions. Add yogurt and sugar into ice cream maker and follow instructions on ice cream maker. Once yogurt is ready, place in freezer to harden further until ready to eat. For mix-ins, you can use whatever you feel like. I used mangos, blueberries, m&ms, chocolate crisps, granola. The nutrition information provided are only estimates based.

Pin by Kate Grace on Yums Yums! Toppings bar, Frozen yogurt toppings

Step Two: Add the Greek yogurt, maple syrup, protein powder, and vanilla extract to a mixing bowl. Stir until well combined. Step Three: Pour the yogurt mixture onto the prepared sheet pan, and spread it out in an even layer. Next, scatter the strawberries, blueberries, and granola evenly over the yogurt. Step Four: Place the sheet pan in the.

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Frozen yogurt seems like a high-end option with these toppings. Here are some suggestions of great toppings that will make your yogurt experience extra tasty. 1. Candy Toppings. A fro-yo lover can never go wrong with a loaded candy topping. Frosting your frozen yogurt with different candy toppings makes the best sweet dessert.

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Spread the yogurt mixture onto the prepared baking pan in an even layer. Sprinkle any toppings you wish on top. Place the tray in the freezer for at least four hours or overnight to get cold. Once it is fully chilled, transfer the frozen bark to a cutting board and use a knife to slice it into frozen yogurt bars.

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Here are a few of my favorite yogurt bowl topping combinations: Raspberries + Blueberries + Strawberries + Granola. Fresh Orange Segments + Dark Chocolate Shavings + Pistachios + Honey. Fresh Pineapple Slices + Toasted Coconut + Chopped Candied Cherries. Pomegranate + Cacao Nibs + Fresh Mint. Get even more ideas HERE!

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Santina Renzi. 2. S'mores. Make your own concoction of a s'more without the need of a camp-fire! Get either a chocolate or vanilla base and top it with graham crackers, milk chocolate morsels, and marshmallows! This makes for a perfect, classic s'more in frozen yogurt form! Lila Thulin. 1. A Classic Sundae.

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Quick - This frozen yogurt is ready in just 5 minutes; Kids will love making it - This frozen yogurt recipe is so easy to make, and kids will love seeing it all come together and then adding their toppings.; Lower in sugar than store bought - We only added a little maple syrup, as most of the sweetness comes from the berries and banana.; Easy to adapt with different flavour combos - Different.

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Instructions. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. In a large bowl, combine together the Greek yogurt, maple syrup, and cocoa powder. Mix until the cocoa powder is completely incorporated. Add 1 cup of chocolate granola and mix again.

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Directions. Whisk yogurt, sugar, and salt together in a mixing bowl until sugar has completely dissolved. Chill in an ice bath or refrigerate until yogurt registers at least 45°F (7°C) on an instant-read thermometer. Churn yogurt in ice cream machine according to manufacturer's instructions.

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What are the best frozen yogurt toppings? At a toppings bar, it seems everyone chooses a different combination of syrup, candy, fruit, and nuts. This list of top froyo fixins includes those you absolutely, positively cannot live without. This frozen yogurt toppings list is ranked by fans of food around the world.