The Reason Cilantro Tastes Like Soap To Some People

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A couple of my kids say it tastes like soap, though. I HATE celery. That is so harsh, I know. There has never been another food I've ever had that I have disliked more.. Good woman ;) . Yes, to me it tastes like soap, dirty feet, armpit, those types of things. I was surprised to learn that some people have taste buds that register cilantro.

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A lot of y'all responded with questions about it, especially the part where I said you could be making bank off of it. So I decided to write out a more in-depth response than what 15-20 seconds of.

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Interestingly, a lot of people with the gene in cultures where cilantro is everywhere still enjoy the herb because they grew up with it before they could associate the taste with soap. If anything, soap tastes like cilantro to them, not the other way around. In short, it's all psychological. Reply reply. stefanica.

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It's not all genetic. There's an ethnocultural component to whether someone dislikes cilantro. People from cultures that frequently use cilantro in food, like Mexican and Indian, have far.

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It can also taste unpleasant to some people, and has a plant-like taste much like salad and kale does. Think of mildly spicy beetroot, without the sweetness and with a more pronounced taste. The stalks are a bit watery, so you may notice a very watery or 'green' flavor. It is widely accepted that celery has a very distinct and noticeable.

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The major causes of this include: Too little water while growing. Too much heat while growing. Insufficient nutrients while growing. Being picked too late in the season. Sometimes, blanching the celery stalks before harvesting them can also help to reduce their bitterness and stop them from tasting soapy.

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They found that those people who said cilantro tastes like soap share a common smell-receptor gene cluster called OR6A2. This gene cluster picks up the scent of aldehyde chemicals. Natural aldehyde chemicals are found in cilantro leaves, and those chemicals are also used during soapmaking. While the OR6A2 gene may cause some people to taste.


The plants love cloudy, cooler weather. The celery plant prefers temperatures of between 15 and 21°C. If temperatures do rise consistently, more so when the stalks are reaching maturity, the heat can cause the stalks to develop a soapy taste. Temperatures often rise during the day.

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Cilantro tastes like awful soap. Celery is repulsive to me, even if I remove the stringy part. My boyfriend doesn't understand because he thinks it tastes light and watery. He also doesn't mind cilantro. To me, celery is so foul, I can smell it from across a room. When I was a little kid, they'd give us celery with peanut butter in school.

The Reason Cilantro Tastes Like Soap To Some People

Those with an allergy to cilantro may experience a variety of symptoms, including cough, itching in the mouth, and rashes. Like other allergies to food, these symptoms typically occur within seconds to minutes of consuming cilantro. Other possible symptoms include: Shortness of breath. Wheezing.

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To me celery is not bitter. Just lacks flavor and is stringy. 1. sarahbara. • 14 yr. ago. Celery is one of my most frequently used veggies. It adds bulk to sauces and salads, without much expense, fuss, or calories. It has the distinction of being 2 veggies in one: root and stalk.

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Cilantro's Flavor and Smell . According to The New York Times, the aversion to cilantro, and its reminder flavors (people complain the herb tastes like soap or reminds them of bedbug odor) make.

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Here, we report on a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of cilantro soapy-taste detection. Briefly, the GWAS was conducted in 14,604 unrelated participants of primarily European ancestry who responded to an online questionnaire asking whether they thought cilantro tasted like soap (Table1).Two single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were genome-wide significant (p < 5 × 10 −8) in this.

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Some of cilantro's cousins include celery, parsley, cumin, fennel, and dill.. Researchers at DNA-testing outfit 23andMe performed a survey, asking people whether they thought cilantro tastes.

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Thanks to a video from SciShow, we finally know why cilantro tastes like soap for some 4-14 percent of the population. "How cilantro tastes to you has a lot to do with your genes," says SciShow's Hank Green. He explains that after conducting a few separate studies, scientists were able to pin down most cilantro haters as people with a.

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The Brassica genus includes cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kale, which are extremely bitter to some people and not bitter to others. You can test whether you are yourself a.